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„The harder I work, the luckier I become.”

Terry Pratchett


About Me

I am very glad that you decided to take this short trip and know a little bit more about me! I come from a small town near Poznań, where I have been attending lingustic profile highschool. After graduation I took up Indonesian-Malay Philology and I have been developing more and more interest in languages. At my second year I got a scholarship in Indonesia and spent there a whole year – amazing quality time!

After finishing university I worked as receptionist in a hotel. That’s when I started to think what should I do next. My father advised me to look into programming and since my first ‚Hello World!’ printed out to the screen I simply sinked in. Since then I am gradually deeepening my knowledge on daily basis – both front and backend. Trying to use various internet sources to learn something new every day!



Adam Mickiewicz University

Indonesian-Malay Philology

Bachelor Degree


Institut Seni Indonesia

Traditional music and language

1-Year Scholarship


WSB University

Web and mobile applications

Postgraduate Studies (1 year)



SII Sp. z o.o.

3-months application testing course



English Certification – 8/9 pt.



Grupa Tense

Junior Web Developer

Work at this position has been very similiar to the one I’ve been doing at Sunrise System, although it included more work in the actual code. I’ve been responsible for less clients, however I’ve been helping my co-workers  in various tasks that required creating or modifying website content or making changes in the code (redirections, fetching something from database, adjusting loops etc.). At the same time I still had my own clients to take care of so I’ve been performing various comparisons, analysis, reporting, building backlink profile etc.


Sunrise System


As an employee at this position I was responsible for thorough analysis of clients websites as well as those of competitors. I have been working with HTML/CSS and PHP to optimize the content and structure of various websites (personal, business, ecommerce etc.) – that means changing the navigation, texts, blocking or adding some of the content and much more. I was also responsible for building backlink profiles and maintaining support to the clients via e-mail and phone.


****Hotel City Solei Boutique


As an employee at this position I was responsible for managing various types of bookings via hotel websites, e-mail and phone. Some of my main tasks were: taking care of guests at the hotel, handling different types of documents, preparing reports, managing booking portals, communicating with coworkers to maintain perfect work flow.


Dharmasiswa Scholarship


As a student on this particular scholarship I was deepening my knowledge of the language, culture and traditions. Some of the main tasks that I have been performing while being there were helping with translations, helping to organize various events and teaching English. Even though this particular position doesn’t really qualify as ‚work experience’ it has been definately the most important experience in my life that changed me ultimately.




  • Very good knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 ( + RWD)
  • Very good knowledge of Bootstrap framework
  • Decent knowledge of SASS/SCSS preprocessor
  • Basic knowledge of Foundation


  • Good knowledge of PHP5 and MySQL
  • Decent understanding of OOP and MVC
  • Basic knowledge of Laravel framework

JavaScript + frameworks/libraries

  • Good knowledge of Javascript
  • Good knowledge of jQuery library
  • Decent knowledge of AngularJS framework
  • Basic knowledge of node.js, mongoDB and express


  • Good knowledge of WordPress
  • Decent knowledge of Joomla
  • Basic knowledge of PrestaShop


  • Good knowledge of GIT version control system
  • Constant use of Github in search for inspirations and reusable code













The links below are a collection of few projects I made while learning different technologies. This is not a complete list, however it gives a pretty good insight of the skills I currently posses. Do not hesitate to check them out!

  • Bookmarker App

    This is a very simple application that saves links to other websites – made in a proccess of learning pure javascript!

  • Javascript Calculator

    This is a simple calculator made in a pure javascript.

  • Tetris Game

    This is an oldschool tetris game written in pure javascript – had some fun with the new to HTML5 canvas tag!

  • Sample SASS Template

    This website template is my first attempt at learning SASS preprocessor. It is ultra simple, has no features, however uses variables, mixins and other cool SASS features!

  • Bootstrap SASS Template

    This website template is already a bit more complicated than the previous one. It’s based on bootstrap-sass package installed via npm and uses more cool SASS features like functions etc. One of the cool features is auto-changing font color depending on the background!

  • Simple CMS

    This is very simple CMS made in PHP and MySQL. It doesn’t have many features, although the code is clean and simple!

  • To-Do Application

    This is yet another very simple PHP app – generate list of tasks to do. It operates on basic SQL CRUD and uses PDO to connect to the database. Nothing special, just simple thing I wrote whilst learning!

  • Expenses Tracker

    My first attempt at AngularJS – simple application that uses basic Angular features. It does not connect to any database whatsoever, just focuses on basic MVC structure.

  • Turtles Quiz

    This is slightly more complicated app written in AngularJS – it uses dependency injections, factories, error handling etc. It also doesn’t connect to any database, instead it uses json object to get data.

  • Pub Website

    This is a website I made for my friend’s pub in our hometown. It is not finished yet and unfortunately it won’t be, due to bar closure. However, it has some css/jquery features that fit nicely.